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To celebrate my first video that has reached 1,000,000 views here is a 10 hour version of Isolation.

00:07:00 New piano part
00:12:58 Orchestral

Its funny Isolation wasn't even my main upload of that day, it ends up getting over 1 million views though, the video I did upload that day didn't get anywhere near that. It was just a quick improvisation I really didn't expect those kind of views on it but it's so cool that so many people have listened and used the music. I've heard it around loads it's a good feeling when you watch something and all of a sudden you hear your music in the background.

I’ve started a blog where I will give tips on composition, piano playing, improvisation, playing by ear and setting up YouTube channels. Go check it out

I've also created a wattpad where I upload stories, if you’re a writer yourself it’ll be great to hear what you think!

It's looped buuut, I extended the original to 13 minutes and also put in an orchestral part. I got the request to make a 10 hour version ha, but I didn't want to just loop the original for 10 hours so there's some more in this. So this has new bits mixed in with the original loop.

Art by apofiss!!! I used one of apofiss's other panda artworks for the original video. Thought I would use another one of his lovely panda ones for this.

Go sign up to Flowkey It's a really awesome way of learning piano for those of you that can't, I'm using it right now to try and learn how to read music =D And in the future I will be doing some tutorials on there too!

Any donations would be really appreciated, any money donated will be used to get new instruments and other equipment to improve this channel =)
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