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Good luck with your project whether it be an essay, exam revision, course work, writing a book, poem, coding or painting - we wish you all the success and happiness and hope our sounds and meditations will help you on the way :)

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We have used a combination of our Meditation experience and musical training to create this music for you.

It will help you to focus, concentrate and most importantly to relax while you study or engage in an activity that requires a relaxed presence.

Designed in our studio to help you to get into a relaxed and productive zone for effective study, work and focus.

Music composed, performed and produced by Adam Dacey.
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Music has a powerful effect on our well being. In this busy world its difficult to find the time to rest and concentrate. The mind being easily distracted. This music can help to focus you. Let us know your experience and thoughts.

We are now in the studio composing more music and meditation for you to travel with you on the path to inner peace and bliss.

The images in the video I took whilst on a sunrise boat ride on the river Ganges in Varanasi.

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