How To Make A Miniature Halloween Zen Garden – DIY Stress-Relieving Desk Decoration

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Super easy and super cute way to make a mini Halloween Style Zen Garden – awesome stress-relief toy. Draw on the sand with miniature broom and rake, sweep fallen leaves or sand, play with slime from the mini cauldron and relieve your stress!

Let's calm nerves and reduce stress with this cute miniature Japanese garden (Zen Garden) which I styled for Halloween. But it is NOT scary at all. Just a funny peaceful place where witch cooks her dinner LOL But now she's gone – so no worries :)
When you focus on drawing wavy lines on the sand your mind rests. All bad thoughts fly away and you feel such a great relieve! It's really helpful in fighting with stress. That is why it is my 4th mini Zen Garden. I like to change scenes to make the process more fun :)

In this video I show how to make 5 miniatures for this Zen Garden – mini tree, mini cauldron, mini pumpkins, mini broom and mini rake. You can find materials for every thing in this DIY project at your home. So everything is very easy, cheap and fun!

I start with the base (cardboard lid with sand), miniature Fall tree and leaves. I use dry branches, which I found in the park (make sure they are fallen, so not to harm any tree). I found that the best branches fall from lindens :) They are shaped great to create a miniature tree. For the leaves I used a leaf-shaped hole punch, but you can cut leaves with nail scissors in case you don't have a punch.

If you're asking “where to get the sand” - you can get it in any pet shop or use salt instead :)

The next DIY is a miniature cauldron :) You will need a table tennis ball, 2 paper clips and 3 bamboo skewers. Paint it with black acrylic paint and fill with slime! It looks great and calm nerves as well :)

The third mini DIY – is a cute miniature pumpkin. I think I've found the easiest way to make decorative pumpkins. And I'm sure you will like it! Btw, you can use air dry clay or polymer clay, but I show how to make a clay of wheat flour. So everyone can make them right after watching my video :)

The fourth DIY project is a Miniature Broom. Witch's broom ;) It's cool for drawing on the sand and for sweeping sand and leaves.

And as always in my miniature Zen Gardens – the fifth project is a mini rake :) Super easy!

Have fun!

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