Seaway "Lula On The Beach" Official Music Video


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Director & Editor Miguel Barbosa
Co-director Dave Provost
Producer Miguel Barbosa, Joseph Homsy, Matheson Murray
Director of Photography & Colourist Christoph Benfey
2nd Camera Operator & Gimbal Operator Nick Coffin
Creative Director Adam Shoji
Assistant Director Alycia Macina
Associate Producer Stefan Rees
Graphic Design Marvin Sanchez
Featuring Lia Williamson, Maddy Over

"Lula on the Beach" Lyrics

Green and blue, eyes on you, and now the temperature is rising. Hit the loud, settle down, head out the window, not surprising. I’m with Lula on the beach. Go for a rip, take a dip, check out the polka dot bikinis. Fill my cup, say what’s up, the margaritas make it easy. Living easy. I’ll be honest, I’m not used to going out before the sun goes down. But now the haze is gone, I’m in a better place. I’m with Lula on the beach. You’ve been away too long, trapped in the glow of your old playstation. Go grab your board right now and let's hit the coast on a mini vacation. I’m with Lula on the beach. Feeling pretty, soaking heat. You can find us on our mini vacation. This is where I want to be. Here with Lula on the beach.

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