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Real Animals transforming into Cartoons Characters. Funn video for babies, Toddlers and children.
Learning Wild Animals Names and Sounds for Kids.

With Zootopia, Ice Age, Lion King, Masha and the bear, Disney Pixar characters and more funny cartoon animals.

Tiger, Black panther, Panda bear, Sea lion, Elephant seal, Lioness, Lion, Hyena, Gazelle, Polar bear, Penguin, Gorilla, Gigantopithecus, Ox, Yak, Saber-Tooth tiger, Snow leopard, Ostrich, Lemur, Warthog, Wildbear, Squirrel, Opossum, Deer, Reindeer, Wolf, Coyote, Roadrunner, Llama, Meerkat, Kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, Pelican, Starfish, Seagull, Bat.

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