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In this video tutorial I show how to make Delicious DIY Gummy Glasses! You can drink from these yummy-gummy glasses, put fruit salads into them or just eat them like they are!
For DIY Gummy Glasses you will need:
- 170 g powdered jelly (of any flavour you like)
- 50 g unflavored gelatin
- 300 ml hot boiling water
Also you will need 2 plastic cups (one - 500 ml, another - 200 ml).
How to form a gummy glass - watch in my video.
By the way, you can use small plastic cups to make DIY Gummy Shots. But as far as I don't drink alcohol - I prefer big delicious gummy glasses for soda and sweet desserts.
My yummy-gummy glasses, which are made completely of gummy, are the great party idea! My recipe is very easy. And if you will store glasses in the fridge - they will keep a shape for a week and more!
Just one tip - my gummy glasses are only for cold drinks and food. Don't wash them after use - just eat! :) Because they are 100% edible!
Be creative and create your own hand made gummy glasses! Good luck!

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