How To Make Crystals and Fake Geodes In 5 Minutes – Easy DIY Crystals With Sea Salt and Nail Polish


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Super easy and super cute way to expand you crystal and geode collection. For these awesome crystal geodes you will need just sea salt, nail polish and stone from the street. So these DIY crystals are made WITHOUT borax or alum powder. Just a smart way to cheat nature ;)

I show three ways to make fake geodes. The first one is a painted sea salt for bath with nail polish and nail polish remover, any stone from the street you think might look cool and clear nail polish to secure the salt.
Note – salt painted with nail polish dries much more faster than the salt colored with food coloring. So it will not take much time.

The second way to make a crystal geode is to glue colored sea salt to the rock with hot glue. I also used gold acrylic paint (which could be replaced with gold nail polish) to paint the stone and holographic glitter nail polish and pearl nail polish to make some shiny accents on salt crystals.

And the third way, in case you live in the area without stones :) - just to glue big crystals of sea salt with hot glue. I used Dead Sea salt because it is almost always has big crystals.

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