DIY Angry Birds Toys – How To Make Angry Birds Fluffy Pom-pom Toys


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Easy way to make super cute toys of pompoms – legendary Angry Birds characters. They are quick to make and look sooo adorable! You can use them as toys, air fresheners, charms – it's up to you!

I start with a tutorial of the main Angry Bird character – Red bird. For Red you'll need pink and red yarn (I used 50% acrylic 50% wool yarn). I made a beak and eyebrows of felt, but you can use a cardboard instead. For the eyes I took 2 white beads and drew pupils with a black permanent marker. But you can easily use wiggle eyes. And if you don't have a glue gun – use a super glue.

For The Blues Angry Birds you'll need a blue yarn, beads for eyes and orange nail polish (for lower eyelids). I made three of them, cause it's their main power :) And they are my favourites btw :)

The third bird :) is Bomb! Love that giant! You'll need black and grey yarn, 2 white beads and felt (or cardboard). As far as it is really big bird – be ready to wrap your hand for long :)

The fourth is not an angry bird – it is bad-bad Piggy! :) You'll need a green yarn, salad felt or cardboard (for the nose) and big beads for eyes.

And last one – is an angry yellow Chuck! Triangular bird – that is why I decided to show how to cut it's shape from pom-pom at the end. It is easy, but a bit different. You'll need yellow and white yarn, beads, brown felt or cardboard for eyebrows and orange felt (or cardboard) for the beak.

Done! They are so cute I can't stop squeaking! :)

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Have fun!

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