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Incredible Christmas ideas and hacks for the Holidays
Are you guys ready for Christmas? Even though Christmas will be different this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. To inspire you and give you some ideas for the holidays, we show you some fantastic tips and tricks you’ll adore.
Christmas decorations are a must, no matter what’s going on in the world. And today, we show you some simple solutions to life’s problems. Have you ever struggled to place ornaments through your Christmas tree branches? One simple way to do it is using a cylinder-shaped piece of card paper or an empty toilet tissue roll.
Little ones always look forward to meeting Santa. To make it more believable for them, I show you a nifty trick to make them think that Santa brought in all the snow from outside, walked around the house, eat the cookies and milk, and left the presents for the kids. The only thing you’ll need is a large shoe, some water, and flour.
Instead of buying new Christmas Decorations for your home, save money, and make your own. For example, you can create an adorable little snowman using a white sock, rice, and some knitting yarn.
Don’t forget to check out the entire video with our fabulous Christmas tricks and other fun projects to get you into the Holiday spirit.
0:40 – Trying to put ornaments to your tree? Try this trick
0:59 – Santa’s Footsteps
3:20 – An adorable snowman decoration
4:07 – Gift wrapping trick
5:44 – Turning a soda can into a mini Santa
7:35 – An excellent trick for your gift wrapper
9:07 – DIY couple’s Gloves

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