8 Detective Riddles That Will Test Your Logic Skills


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8 detective riddles that will test your intelligence and brain power. Bright Side gives you the opportunity to feel like a real detective: only the most attentive 6% can solve these tricky riddles.
After each riddle, you will have 15 seconds to think it over. If you need more time to think, just pause the video. And if you crack at least one mystery, hit the like button!

Escape 0:43
Detective's tragedy 2:00
Friendly murder 3:17
Blood ties 5:01
Romantic journey 6:45
Liar 8:12
Silly murderer 9:25
The murder of an aristocrat 11:00

How many riddles have you solved and which one seemed the trickiest? Write to us in the comments below!
Share this video with your friends to have more fun and remember to hit the like button. If this video gathers 50,000 likes, we will prepare a new portion of detective mysteries for you!

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