12 Smartphone Features That Can Save Your Life


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How to Save Your Life with Your Phone. You use your smartphone to listen to music, mark important dates on your calendar, and surf the Internet. What you likely don’t know is that your gadget, which is always at hand, can even become your bodyguard and save your life in some cases. Find out who voice assistant, alarm, and flashlight can protect you from disaster and how to turn your phone into a spying bug.

How to use the voice assistant 0:51
How to use flashlight 1:19
How to use ICE contact 2:15
How phone alarm can save your life 3:52
How to use instant translator 4:22
How to use a compass 5:00
"Emergency Call" button 5:30
How to use parental control 7:56
Secret video recording 8:54
Bug 9:36
Your definite location 10:20
Safe driving 10:46


-If something terrible happens and you are unable to call the emergency services yourself, your smartphone can call an ambulance or rescuers for you. All you need to do is activate the voice assistant by using your voice or pressing a button.
-Use your phone flashlight to draw the attention of rescuers or passers-by with the help of light signals: 3 short light signals, then 3 long ones, and then 3 short signals again.
-Place your emergency contact in your contact list under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency). This abbreviation is internationally known to all emergency services.
-If you're trapped under rubble and can't move because of injuries, it’s important not to lose consciousness completely. Let an alarm ring every 1–3 minutes to prevent you from blacking out.
-Instead of typing the word you need to understand, you can just point the smartphone’s camera at it. The translation will instantly appear on the screen.
-Compass app can help you deal with simple navigation, determine your location, and send this information with your GPS coordinates to rescuers.
-"Emergency SOS" connects you directly to the emergency number of the country you are in.
-To keep kids safe, parents can restrict their access to particular programs or sites on iPhones. Another interesting function is "Family Sharing.” After you switch on this function, you can share iBooks, iTunes, and App Store purchases with 5 family members.
-If you need to record a video on your iPhone without the people around you being aware of the recording, you can easily do it following some simple steps.
-If you have the latest version of iOS, you can easily turn your iPhone into a spying bug. You can leave your phone in the necessary place, call your number from another phone, and listen to what people are talking about.
-Set this function on your smartphone and share your iCloud data with a close person. Then, in an emergency, they will always be able to access your latest geolocation and come to the rescue.
-After you turn on the "Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode, you will no longer be distracted by incoming phone calls and messages. At the same time, "Maps" will work as usual.

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