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Bloody Band-Aids, Kitty Litter Cake, Scabs, and Poly Potion Juice are just a few of the Halloween party foods you'll find in this 10 DIY Halloween Gross-Out Foods video! These fun treats are perfect for Halloween parties with friends & family!

Halloween is such a fun time of year and you can see from my DIY videos this month, that I always love creating Halloween DIY decorations, Halloween DIY costumes, or even Halloween DIY crafts. Along with all the DIY Halloween Costumes, DIY Halloween Pumpkins, DIY Halloween makeup, and Halloween Candy... this year I wanted to show you some Halloween DIY treats and Halloween DIY foods as party ideas as well, but to make them seem even more fun for Halloween. I made sure they were GROSS-OUT foods!

My mom was my inspiration for this week's video, because every year she throws a massive Halloween party for our friends! She gathers all kinds of Halloween party ideas from party music, to Halloween party games and ideas, etc, and combines them to create an exciting & fun DIY Halloween party for our friends! They love coming to our Halloween party, because our Halloween party decorations always look amazing and there's always a lot of fun DIY Halloween foods to talk about the next day!

This year, I decided to share a few of my mom's Halloween party ideas so that you can also create an amazing DIY Halloween-themed party that all your friends will talk about.

The first item we created on our DIY Halloween foods list was Bloody Band-Aids. Totally edible... with graham crackers, piping gel, & marshmallow fluff! Add them to any plate and wait for the EWWWW’s to come!

Next on our list of Halloween Party ideas, is the Harry Potter "Poly Potion" Juice! In the movie, it turns Hermoine into a cat. When I took a drink, it turned me into a frog! With its green color and bubbles, it makes the perfect Halloween party decoration as well as DIY Halloween treat! Plus it gives another fun option as a drink!

For my next Halloween party treat, I created vampire doughnuts! Not quite as gross as some of our other DIY Halloween treats, but definitively one that everyone will enjoy eating!

My third DIY Halloween food doubles as a Halloween party decoration, because it looks like bloody a syringe in a drinking glass, but is actually just cherry grenadine syrup mixed with 7-Up!

Scabs are a serious gross-out video food, don't you agree? But its probably the easiest one to make for your Halloween party. Just cut up some beef jerky into tiny sections, place them into a bowl, and add a scab tag to identify them! Or you can pretend to pick them off your arms or legs and eat them straight off your body, and see how people react!

Edible Q-Tips covered in earwax is sure to get some gasps as people think about putting that into their mouths! Easy to make with cake pop sticks with mini marshmallows and peanut butter!

A new Halloween party DIY Halloween treat this year was our addition of Zombie boogers! It was the most complicated DIY Halloween food, but tastes delicious and is sure to be devoured!

We always make hotdogs cut to resemble a finger and then smothered in blood…I mean ketchup! lol

My mom’s favorite DIY Halloween treat is probably the Halloween pumpkin barfing guacamole!

Last, but not least, on our list of Halloween Party ideas is our Kitty Litter Cake! It really is all edible, but your Halloween party guests will definitely question this one! It totally looks like cat poop mixed with kitty litter, on this this one smells WONDERFUL! Adding the poop scoop is the perfect final touch to your already amazing Halloween party!

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